Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Have No Faith... people when it comes to spiritual beliefs and I believe that I have explained why in at least one post or another. This was a thread on facebook that a "friend" of mine posted. The comments, although intended to be comical, just made my eyes bug out. Why are people so critical of other people's beliefs?

GK: asks what do you say to an atheist after they sneeze?? Anyone?? lol

Yesterday at 4:48pm · Comment ·

LC: Kazuntite!! Lol Idk
Yesterday at 4:50pm

GK: lmao! thats a good one
Yesterday at 4:51pm

NP: Hope u didn't get any on you
Yesterday at 5:15pm

AJJ : "You're f#cked!" Lol sike just playing...I don't know good question.
Yesterday at 5:17pm

Norris: You don't say anything and respect their beliefs. That's what I do.
Yesterday at 5:30pm ·

TU: Jesus loves you! LOL!
Yesterday at 5:31pm

GK: When u die nothin happens???
Yesterday at 5:45pm

CM: Go to hell?? lol They'd probably love that.
Yesterday at 5:58pm

Norris: Wow!! I can't even joke on this one because of the negative judgements about other people's beliefs. And people wonder why I stopped going to church. Why can't people just respect what other people believe?
Yesterday at 6:55pm ·

NJ: Welp I think Norris just shut this topic all the way down. NEXT! Lmao
55 minutes ago

I just didn't think that this was funny. If someone had made fun of Christianity, Islam, or Judiasm, I don't think there would have been any LOLs in the comments.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Going To Get...

...myself together for real. I've sat around and just existed for years and years with little progression. I'm nowhere near happy with myself, where I am, how I feel, what I look like, what my career is. I don't think i'm really happy about much these days. But all of that has to change. It has to. I just can't take this anymore.

So Norris has to:

Stop defending old excuses and start developing a new attitude. I had an "AHA" moment today when I almost didn't hang out with a friend. I actually tried to come up with an excuse as to why I shouldn't go. But I went.

Stop being a slave to my own negative aspects. They pop up when I don't want them to. They have got to go!! I have to stop thinking the worst or that nothing good can happen to me.

Learn to like me. Oh, I love myself, but I don't think that I like myself and constantly want to change aspects of myself.

Get off of my ass and get these finances in order. I know that I need a budget, but i've made excuses as to why I shouldn't make one. It's coming, but I think I need to find a financial counselor. I honestly can't do this on my own. I've even thought about filing bankruptcy even though I know I don't have to.

Everything here has something to do with my attitude and I have to find a way to get change that. The problem is that sometimes I don't think that I am doing anything wrong. I don't realize that it's wrong until after. Gotta change that.

I have to change a lot of things. And i'm starting today.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

There Had Come A Point... dating where I actually thought that there was something wrong with me. I've been reflecting on my dating experiences for the last week and I actually thought it must be something that I have been doing wrong.

Then I got real and realized that there is nothing WRONG with me. I've been doing the one thing that I know how to do and that is to be myself. I'm not going to blame myself for my dating issues. I'm just going to deal with them.

The only problem is that I haven't found someone that suits me and vice versa. I'll live with that thought until that person comes along.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Feel A Lot...

...better today. The last 2 days have not been good for me or my spirit. So I got up this morning and played tennis for 3 hours. When I got on the court, I was still sluggish and feeling blah. But as I played, I felt better and better. I took my mind off of finances, men, obligations, life decisions, family issues, job, and everything else and I just played. I feel so much better.

The only problem with playing tennis so much is that my face is now much darker than the rest of my body. I may have to start playing naked!LOL

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm Not In...

...the highest of spirits this week, so anything I post will be depressing as hell. It's just a host of issues that have me down. Right now I don't want to think about "how good I have it" or that "other people have it worse".
I am allowed to feel what I feel when I feel it. And right now I just feel depressed. I'm sure it will pass just like it always does.


I Refuse To Allow...

...anyone to make me feel like what I do makes me a bad person.

I refuse to allow anyone to make me feel bad about myself.

I refuse to allow anyone to use me for their gain.

I refuse to allow anyone to mistake my generousity for weakness.

I just had enough. I really have. After 13 years of dating and relationships, i've come up with nothing. I'm absolutely tired of it. I just can't deal with the requirements, stipulations, non-compromising situations, disrespect, deception, and just plain stupidity. I'm just tired of it.

I can't change the type of person that I am, but what I will do is change the type of person I choose to date. After thinking about it i've come to the conclusion that my biggest issue with dating is overlooking and forgiving issues that I have with people. I try to be realistic and understand that people aren't perfect and that they will make mistakes. But as strong as I think I am, i'm actually pretty weak when it comes to dating. Family and friends know that i'm strong and aggressive, but when it comes to dating, i'm weak as hell.

I actually have noticed that the older i"ve gotten, the weaker I have gotten. My thinking is that i'm getting that "get a man before I get too old" feeling. I can't think that way. I just can't. I've got to change my mindset and know that I don't HAVE to romantically have someone in my life to complete me. I've got to learn to enjoy me.

Well after those 13 years, i've come to realize that I have to change my tactics. How i'm going to do that, i'm not sure, but something has to give. So first thing Monday morning...

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Repost: 7/19/05 Free, Single, and Disengaged

Since i'm feeling like i'm in this situation again, I feel as though this post needs to be seen again!!
It was originally posted on 7/19/05!!!

I want to introduce you all to FSD. Free, Single, and Disingaged. I don't have to call anyone. Dont have to wonder about where he is. Dont have to wonder about about what he is doing. Dont have to wonder about who he is with. I ain't got to think about anybody but me. But there is a difference in those three words.

Free-I may be dating someone but there are not expectations on the part of either party. I don't have to call you. I can go out with other people if I choose. I can have sex with anyone willing to do it with me. We can basically use each other to occupy time by going out on dates with each other.

Single-I may be seeing someone. We may have been seeing each other for a year or two. But, there is no commitment on either part. We may acknowledge that we are a couple, but there still has not been a commitment. We have totally separate lives. We don't share finances. We don't consult each other on life decisions. We don't know the other person's family.

Disengaged-I am not seeing anyone. I am not dating anyone. I ain't trying to be bothered because I am S.A.L.I. Single and Loving It. But notice that I didn't say anything about sexing somebody. A man has to get what he needs.

But I do have a confession. I'm single, and free, but not disengaged. I am dating someone. The same person that was the subject of "The Wonderful Letter X" post. I decided to give him another chance. "Why did you do that" some may ask. It's simple. I like him and do see potential in him. And he has agreed to get a mobile phone.

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