Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Toward the end of church service, the Minister asked the congregation,
"How many of you have forgiven your enemies? All held up their hands except
One small elderly lady
"Mrs. Clark? Are you not willing to forgive your enemies"? "I don't
Have any", she replied, smiling sweetly.

"Mrs. Clark, that is very unusual..may I ask how old you are"?.

"Ninety-eight", she replied.

"Oh Mrs. Clark, would you please come down in front and tell us all how a
person can live ninety-eight years and not have an enemy in the

The little sweetheart of a lady tottered down the aisle, faced the
congregation, and said:

"I outlived the bitches".



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Picture Description

This is how I feel today. I'll have to post later about what happened to me while I was in Montreal!


Monday, August 20, 2007


Dick. Say it to yourself and think about it.

Look at the picture and then say it again.

Sommore said it best when she said "dick is a beautiful thang".

Think about some of the dicks that you have seen.

Think about some of the dicks that you have touched.

Think about some of the dicks that you have tasted.

Think about the dicks that you never saw, but fantasized about having.

Picture a dick, any dick right now. What does it look like?

Why does it make your body feel so good when it's in you?

Why do you alter plans because you want to have it?

What about it makes you stay with someone who isn't right for you?

What about it makes you act differently when you are with the man that it belongs to?

What is it about dick that makes you want to put it inside your body?

What is it about it that makes your body tingle when you are about to get some of one?

Why are even men who claim to not want a dick in them turned on at the thought of one.

What the hell is it about dick that mesmerizes us?

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

What To Do Now

There comes a point when you are dating someone when you feel ready to make it real and commit yourself to the other person. You just feel that it's that time. You make this decision even if the other person isn't there yet.

I've been dating Hollywood for 4.5 months as of the writing of this post. I'm at that point where I feel like it's now or nothing. I've had this feeling for the last few weeks and think that it's time for us to transition into something or nothing.

It may be sad to say, but this is the longest period of time that I have dated someone in about 3 years. I think that's so because I made a real decision this time. I've actually committed myself to making some real changes within myself. I made these changes in the hopes that they would allow me to just let go and let the situation flow. And they have and I am proud of myself.

Right now, I feel that I have to make the decision as to whether Hollywood is the man for me to commit myself to. I don't know it yet. I just don't. Sometimes, I want to continue dating other people. And other times I imagine growing old with him. Sometimes I want to snuggle up under him and stay there. Sometimes I don't want to be anywhere near him. Sometime I want to fcuk him till he cries. Sometimes I don't want to think about sex with him.

We had a little argument Saturday afternoon because he thought that I was putting my friends ahead of him. That wasn't the case. A friend of mine had a party that I agreed to help with. Hollywood didn't want to go because he was tired. I was running late when he called me and asked me to stop by his house. When I told him that I couldn't because I was running late, he asked me if the party was more important than him. I told him to never ask me a question like that because he may not like the answer.

Now I understand that he was leaving for work on Sunday morning, but I had made a commitment to do something for a friend and I was gonna do it. One of the reasons that I continued dating him was that we have similar work schedules. He is a flight attendant and I am an implementation specialist. We both travel and understand that we won't always be able to see each other. Or at least I thought that he understood that.

I just talked to him a little while ago and told him that I really did want to see him, but I had said that I would do something and had to do it. His reply was "it's cool".

I'm going to take my time on this situation. I don't want to make any hasty decisions as it comes to our dating situation. It's not yet a relationship. But i'm wondering if it will get there.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Crack in the Windshield

This is a true crack in someone's windshield. If I had seen this I would have run into the "back" of someone's car!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why? 8/16/07

1. Why I am I sooooo happy that football season is upon us? And why do none of my friends like football. I swear that I am the only gay black man that likes the game. Seeing some of the sexiest men on the planet in tights and helmets should be enough for any gay man or any woman to want to watch.

2. Why have I gained 10 more pounds than I intended? It's because I have been eating whatever I want and haven't been to the gym that I am still paying for in 4 months. I now weigh just under 200lbs. Guess where I will be going when I get home tomorrow? Bally's Northlake!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Why do I keep putting off going back to school? It's because law school is expensive as hell. I was looking at the University of South Carolina law school where tuition is $16800 PER SEMESTER! And it's not just tuition. Most schools don't allow first year students to work any amount of hours. Unless I find a rich husband, I can't afford that. By the time I graduate, I will have probably 120K in student loans! I'll never be able to pay that off and live comfortably. Until I am debt free or debt low, I am just gonna put off school. Or at least until I get rid of the fear of flunking out my first year.

4. Why did it take me so long to realize that in order for a relationship to work, you have to just let go of the small things? When Hollywood does something that annoys me *like pissing with the bathroom door open* I just let it go. Since I have dialed back on the bitchiness, things have been going well. But he IS gonna have to clean up behing himself when he is at my house!

5. Why does money *the lack or scarcity off* seem to be the bain of most peoples' existence? I swear that there never seems to be enough no matter how hard you work. I'm not broke, but I can never seem to have enough. Will I ever be in a position to just spend all willy-nilly and not have to worry about bills? Where is that damn lottery ticket?

6. Why am I reevaluating my goals and aspirations from my New Years initiatives? I have been drinking less. I have been going off on people a little less. I have not found another job because I haven't been actively looking. I have been taking time for myself. I am not spending less. I have not been getting my body together. I have only met one other Atlanta blogger this year. I have been a little happier. I need to get it together.

7. Why do I have is almost every link in my internet favorites to a blog? It's because I enjoy reading them and think that I am addicted. I love reading about other peoples' lives. I might not always comment because I don't have anything to say, but you can bet your life that I'm reading.

8. Why is there a dude who likes me that makes me want to drop Hollywood sometimes? Dude just has that winning personality and an infectious smile that make me smile everytime he winks his eye at me. I would avoid him, but he is a friend of a friend. Whenever I see that friend, dude is always with him. Hollywood better hurry up and commit!!!!!!!!!!

9. Why did I just attend my first White Party on Sunday. It was sponsored by 5friends4life at Club Fever? I was dressed in white from the neck down with a splash of blue in the belt and shoes. I had always thought that color themed parties were stupid, but I really had a good time. The Dj mixed music like he was born to do so and I danced until I was tired and sweaty. I even remarked to one person that "This is what a muthafucking party is like" and she gave me a high 5 right on the dance floor. And I only had 2 drinks *woohoooooo*. I am supposed to attend another one on Pride Weekend. I hope that I have as much fun.

10. Why have I adopted "fcuk that/them..." as my motto for the rest of the year? I'm sick of worrying about shit that I either have no control over or is hard to control. Fcuk them bills! Fckk those haters! Fcuk that job! Fcuk the bullshit! Fcuk it all! Thanks go to Mo'nique for the inspiration


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Work Work Work

I want a new job. Plain and simple. I am what's called an implementations specialist. Implementations specialists install software and hardware systems for different companies. They also provide the necessary training on the systems for employees. I love what I do, but after 5 years, it's starting to wear thin.

I travel all over the country and this has afforded me the opportunity to see 38 of the 50 states included Alaska and Hawaii and I have been to Canada 4 times. The problem with all of this travel is that I miss out on a lot of things at home. Concerts, friends, parties, picnics, shows and everything else that happens. I am grateful to have traveled the country, but I just think that I miss out on too much.

Another problem with my job is that the company that I work for is resistent to raises and promotions. There are people in my position that have been doing the same thing for 10 years and have not been promoted. They have been given raises, but no promotions. A higher position comes along only every few years and someone outside of the company is usually hired. I was eligible for a pay increase in April of this year. Did I get it? No. When I asked about and presented my reasons why I thought that I was due a pay increase, I was told that raises had just been given out a few months earlier. What the hell that had to do with me I don't know since pay increases are granted upon your anniversary date?

Yet another problem is the number of hours that I work. The most that I have worked so far is 27 hours straight. And that was just a few weeks ago. Most days I work at least 10 hours. And on the day that we convert the systems, the average is 17 years. This week I have works 11 hours each day for the last 6 days and have had a headache for 4 of those six.

The reason that I have stayed as long as I have is because there are positives to the job. The travel is one of them, but the best part of the job is also the worst. My schedule. There are times when I have been off for 3 weeks at a time. Is there any other job that gives you 3 weeks off and you still get paid? If there is, tell me about it. But on the flip side, there are times when I have to work 3 weeks straight. Like right now, I am on day 17 of work. I left one project and went straight to another. I was scheduled to go to another project, but it moved dates. At that point, I had a week off, but today I was put on another project starting Monday. That leaves me with Sunday as my only official day off ( I get home Saturday afternoon from this site).

So I think that it's time that I explore my options when it comes to employment. I don't know if I truly want to leave, but the pay, schedule, and advancement opportunities aren't all that great. There have to be better options.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

BIG Brother Brazil

Well Damn!


Friday, August 03, 2007

The Gay Climber

I know that she just felt like an ass!


I-Phone Commercial

This ish is funny as hell. They got me with the sideburns!