Friday, September 30, 2005

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The Best Sex I Ever Had

I have been thinking about this post for a while. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to post it because I felt that it didn't have any depth and would add nothing to my blog. But, it's been on my mind to write about it for a few days. Ladies, if sex between two men offends you, stop reading when you finish the 5th paragraph.

I met TBSIEH at a club on one of my many trips to Atlanta with BeatMug (my best friend). We were being rich that weekend and got a suite at the Embassy Suites Atlanta Perimeter so that each of us could have our own room. Now actually, BeatMug saw him first and mentioned to me that he was sexy as hell. I agreed, but he was kinda short (he is 5'9" and I am 6'2") so I really didn't pay him any attention. Then BeatMug asked me to go over and tell TBSIEH that he wanted to holla at him. So, that's what I did. They talked for a few minutes and then we left to get something to eat at 4am. After we left the diner, BeatMug invited him back to the hotel with him (thank goodness for suites). I thought that they would be tearing the room up having sex, but they sat up all night talking loudly and keeping me up. At the end of the day, they didn't do anything and only spoke on the phone once after that.

Fast forward a year later and I was back in Atlanta with BeatMug and we ran into TBSIEH at another club. He and BeatMug talked for a minute and then BeatMug came back and told me that TBSIEH wanted to holla at me. I was like "huh, ain't that the dude that you met once and never talked to again." Anyway, TBSIEH and I talked for a minute and he told me that I was really the one that he wanted to talk to when he and BeatMug met, but he didn't think that I would be interested in him. We talked and exchanged numbers and he promised to call me the next day so that we could go out.

The next day he called me and asked me to come over to his crib and I obliged. For some reason, sex never even crossed my mind (that's the honest to God truth). When I arrived at his house, he was dressed in some basketball shorts and a tank top. All I saw was chest, ass, arms, and dick. And that was the moment that sex crossed my mind. The man was sexy as hell.We went into his bedroom to watch TV because he had just moved in and had no living room furniture. We ended up talking for about 2 hours and he told me that he was really attracted to me. I told him the same. He was a cool cat for real. In the most innocent voice, he ask me to have sex with him. I thought about it for a minute and said yes.

NOW FOR THE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the best damn feeling that my body had ever felt. And this was before I even had an orgasm. Front the start, he got out a condom and some lube. I noticed that it was a flavored condom, so I decided to put it on him with my tongue. If you have never done that, practice doing it with a banana or cucumber, not on a dick, cause you gone fuck it up the first time. After I put the condom on his dick (and yes it was thick and long) I rocked his mic for a few minutes. Most times when a guy enjoys oral sex, he is silent or may moan a little. TBSIEH was loud and expressive, just like I am when I am getting some head, and just the way that I like them to be. He was grabbing my head, grabbing the sheets, and moaning like he was gonna bust real soon. That shit was turning me on like whoa! It made me want to be penetrated like I had never wanted to before.

After about 10 minutes of sucking his dick, I was reading for some dick. I can't even explain how badly he made me want it. You just have to imagine it. I got on my back and he put my legs in the air and he started to penetrate me. I was trying to relax because we know how it can be if you don't. Not an issue here. I was feigning for this man, so my body accepted him with no issues. He started with a long stroke, moving in and out really slowly. Already, I was going out of my mind. Out of all the times that I have had sex, I had never felt the feeling that TBSIEH was giving me. It felt like I was having an orgasm already, but I wasn't. But my body felt like it was melting. That's the only way that I can describe it. I felt this feeling all over my body. From my feet to my head and especially in my ass. He was still long stroking, but had picked up his pace. I looked into his face and all I could see was pure pleasure. I knew that he was enjoying it too. Mind you, it had probably been about 10 minutes since the initial penetration. Most times it's over by this point.

We then changed positions so that I was riding him (my second favorite position. It felt kinda ackward because he was so much shorter than me, but oh well, (good) sex is (good) sex. Once I put him back inside of me, that look of pleasure returned to his face and to mine. That feeling returned and my body started shaking, but I still wasn't having an orgasm. I had never felt it before, but I wasn't complaining. I didn't want it to stop. I was riding that man like no other. The whole time, I was squeezing my ass with each up and down or back and forth motion. (Kagel Exercises do pay off for men and women). Each time that I squeezed, his face would grimace and he would push harder. I knew that he was enjoying it just as much as I was.

We then changed positions again. This time, he stood by the side of the bed and I lay on the edge of the bed on my back. He entered my body again and went to work. He never did that thing were men just push in and pump. He had a constant in/out motion (fellas take a hint here). All I could do was moan, scream and holla. It had been about 30 minutes since the initial penetration and he was still going strong. But the look on his face and his pace told me that he was working for a nut. So I started the Kagel's again. I also grabbed my dick and started jacking. After about 3 more minutes, my body started convulsing and I started screaming "i' coming, i'm coming!" As soon as I said that, he screamed the same thing. I grabbed the sheets for leaverage and I had the orgasm of my life. Nut went everywhere. All over both of us and the bed. I guess that was all that he needed. He started screaming like a baboon and roaring like a lion. His body started shaking and he started nutting. He never pulled out,but kept right on stroking until he just fell on top of me. We were both still kinda jumping and twitching for a few minutes before either of us could move. We laid there for about 5 minutes before we got up.

We had no choice but to take a shower and that's what we did. A long, hot shower we both needed because we both were drenched in sex sweat. After the shower, he changed the sheets and bedspread and we laid back down for a minute. He then got up and cooked some breakfast foods even though it was 2 in the afternoon. After we ate, I got up to leave, but he asked me to stay. We then just laid in the bed and eventually fell asleep holding each other.

I needed the sleep after the assault my body had just taken.Afte I got back home to Birmingham, we talked on the phone a lot, but neither one wanted to get serious because of the distance thing. I certainly wasn't gonna do the long distance thing again. But a few weeks later, I did make another weekend trip to Atlanta.

Anybody wanna know what happeded?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Take That Geico

This should put an end to those damn annoying assed Geico commercials!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Berlin Wall

I usually start my post off with some sort of anecdote that parallells th real topic. But today screw that. If you want to know about the Berlin Wall, click here. Then you can come back and read this entry. This post is gonna be short (relatively) and to the point.

A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that I was like the Berlin Wall. He said this because of the number of men that I have stopped dating in the past few months. Since the beginning of the year, I have dated about 6 guys. And I have dumped each one of them. My boy believes that as soon as guys start to catch feelings for me, I get rid of them. The reason: they try to get too close, too soon. I don't dish out too much of me too soon. It just ain't gonna happen.

When I meet a man, I don't date him hoping that we fall in love and live happily ever after. Any feelings, attachments, or emotions stay behind that Berlin Wall until I want to tear it down. My intentions for dating him are to get to know him. Not to fall in love instantly. I want to get to know someone before I go falling in love or even start discussing a relationship. I want to check for compatibility. I want to check for bad habits that I can't stand. I want to watch him for signs of mental stability. I want to know his views on certain aspects of life (having children, religion, money, politics). I want to check for reliability and dependability. I want to check the muthafucka's credit.

When I see all of the things that I need to see, then and only then will I begin to tear down the Berling Wall. But just as I begin to tear it down, I can put it back up. Am I the only one that sees things this way? Give me some feedback people.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ulterior Motives

I was watching an episode of my favorite TV show last night, Desperate Housewives, when Bree used a phrase that struck a chord with with me. Bree baked some cookies to take to the new neighbor, Betty Applewhite (Alfre Woodard) as a "welcome to the neighborbood" gesture. But while at the house, Bree tells Betty that she has "ulterior motives." She has heard that Betty was once a concert pianist and wants her to play the organ at Bree's husband's funeral. Bree may have really wanted to meet the new neighbor, but her real purpose was to ask Betty to play the organ. As usual, it got me to thinking about something. This time it was ex-boyfriends.

A lot of time, when people end a relationship, they remain friends. I think that this is very prevalent in the gay community. How many of your friendships started out at romantic. I for one am friends with 3 of my ex-boyfriends. There is no point in lying about the fact that I still love all three. Not in-love, but love them. Now, don't get me wrong, there is no overwhelming urge to get back with either of them (notice that I said overwhelming). But I still do love each one of them.

The first relationship was with Dreads. It lasted 2.5 years. We had our ups and downs and made our mistakes, but I don't think that neither of us wanted it to end. But he hit me once when he got mad and that was it. The next relationship was with Chicago and it lasted for 1 year. I think that I was most compatible with him, as we never had an argument and truly enjoyed being together. It ended because I lived in Atlanta and he in Chicago. The third relationship (if we can really call it that) was with Animal and it lasted just 4 months. It ended because he wasn't the type of man that I really wanted and I knew that I would be moving to another city later that year.

The strange thing is that of all the boyfriends that have, I remain friends with these three. We actually hang out together and talk on the phone platonically. Except for Dreads. Every now and then, we flirt with each other and show a little affection. But each time that I am around or talk to each one, the thought of romantically reconnecting surfaces. I sometimes wonder if I remain friends with them hoping that we do reconnect. Do I have ulterior motives for my friendships with these 3 men?

I must admit, I think that I do. For sure, I would reconnect with Dreads. I felt like that man was meant to be with me from the moment that we met. He's told me several times that he regrets hitting me, and I am sure that he would never do it again cause I he realized that I fight back (and my sister threatened to shoot him). I still daydream about us being a couple. And we have even talked about reconnecting, but each time we have discussed it, one of us was in a situation with another person.

I would also get back with Chicago. In a whole year, we never had a disagreement. We had similar outlooks and plans for life and both wanted the "two kids, a dog, and a home" thing. He and I have never talked about it, but he have both mentioned to each other that we miss being a couple. I actually moved to Chicago (not to be with him) back in January of this year. A few of our friends expected (and I was kinda thinking about it) us to get back together, but he was seeing someone during the time I lived there. Oh well, I have moved back to Atlanta now.

Now, Animal, I am not sure if I would get back with him. Like I said, he wasn't really the type of man that I really wanted. He is a really good person with the biggest heart, but he wasn't my type. For one, he was really passive. I don't like passiveness at all. It's a major turn off. He was also childish. We once went to Philly for vacation and he MADE me take a picture of him with a statue of Mickey Mouse. Mind you that he was the only adult in line. But what I did like about him was that he did anything that he thought would keep a smile on my face and he was sexy as hell.

So in conclusion, I know that I have ulterior motives in maintaining friendships with my ex-boyfriends. But, hey, I can do that and I can't be the only one. Give me some feedback and confessions.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Love to Love You Baby

Way back when around the time that Disco was in and fashion was at its worse, there was a song by Donna Summer. The song was called "Love to Love You Baby." In the song, she moans and moans about loving to love somebody. I listened to this song probably 10 times the other day. I love it. It makes no sense at all, but I still love it. But it got me to thinking. Some people love to be in love. What is it about being in love that makes you want to be in love?

First let me clarify something. A lot of people think that there is no difference between being in love and loving someone. There is a big difference. Love is a state of mind. Being in love is a feeling, almost like an emotion. Emotions can be turned on and of with ease. A state of mind takes a long, long time to change. I still love 2 of my ex boyfriends, but I am no longer in love with them.

But back to the matter at hand. I think that people love being in love because of the way that it makes them feel. I admit, the feeling of being in love with someone is an exciting and invigorating feeling. You feel like you could take on the world by yourself and win. You feel like you could run a marathon and come in first. Being in love just feels damn good.

I love the feeling of being in love, but I watch myself now. I no longer allow myself to fall in love as easily or quickly as I use to. I call that learning lessons. It's not that I have had my feelings heart or heart broken. It's just that I know that you can do some crazy shit when you are in love with someone. I once loaned a dude my car with full knowledge that he didn't have a license. I did it because I was in love. Another time, I had sex with no condom. I did it because I was in love. Another time, I missed Thanksgiving with my family because he asked me to stay with him. I did it because I was in love.

Yes, being in love is a wonderful feeling, but please watch what you are doing when you get there. It could lead you to do some dumb shit. Other than that, just enjoy it while it last.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Ongoing Debate

There is an ongoing debate in the United States. The one that I am speaking of is not one of the “National Debates” that we are sick of hearing about day in and day out. This time, I am not talking about abortion, or the war in Irag, or even Gay Marriage Inclusion. Neither am I talking about the Hurricane Katrina disaster, or healthcare, or Natalie Holloway. This issue that I am talking about is one that has probably never been discussed on the national news level. But we have all talked about or commented on it at some point. For some of us, it’s a daily thought. But for others, it’s never a thought. The issue that I am talking about today is one that involves only a subset of the American populations. OK, enough suspense. I am talking about masculinity and femininity among Black, Gay Men. If I were interviewing some expert on the topic, I have 5 questions that I would ask the interviewee.

Question 1- What makes a person a MAN? I have always wondered this. Is it the biological aspects of a person? A person born male has an X AND a Y chromosome. Is it the anatomical aspects? Some people believe that if the person has a dick, nuts, and an Adam’s apple, the person is a man. Is it the role in life that the person takes? Does taking out the trash, cutting, the grass, and grabbing your crotch make a person a man?

Question 2- What specifically determines masculinity and femininity? Could it be the man’s actions and mannerisms? Is it the style of dress that a man has? Is it the job that a man does? Is it an interest in certain hobbies that makes a man a man (such as sports vs. shopping)? Is it the language that a person uses? What the hell is it? Cause I damn sure don’t know.

Question 3- Is there a scale that measures the two aforementioned traits? How do you determine that one man is more masculine or feminine than another? Is there one scale for femininity and another for masculinity or are both traits measure on the same one? Is the scale the same for men and women? Can a woman measure higher on the masculinity scale than a man? Can a man score higher on the femininity scale than a woman?

Question 4- Is it wrong to desire a mate or date that is of a certain masculinity or femininity? I hear people say that they want a man, and if they wanted a woman, they would get one. I also hear men say that they want a man to be as feminine as possible. Do these people want this because that is what they really want? Or are there external influences affecting these desires.

Question 5- Are hyper-masculinity and hyper-femininity acts or facades that people put on? If so, why do people put on these acts? Is it to impress other people? Is it to get attention? Is it to please society?

These questions aren’t scientific or anything like that. They are just on my mind when I think about how we as Black, Gay, Men associate among each other. If anybody has any answers, respond in the manner that you see fit.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Technical Difficulties

Sorry for the delay, but there will be no post from me until probably Monday or Tuesday. My dumb ass left my laptop charger at home and I am in Hick-Town USA.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Clocks In Heaven

Even though I am not a Christian, this was too funny!

A man died and went to heaven.As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a hugewall of clocks behind him.
He asked, "What areall those clocks?"

St. Peter answered, "Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on earth has aLie-Clock. Every time you lie, the hands on your clock will move."

"Oh," said the man, "whose clock is that?"

"That's Mother Teresa's. The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie."

"Incredible," said the man. "And whose clock is that one?"

St. Peter responded, "That's Abraham Lincoln's clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life."

"Where's President Bush's clock?" asked the man.

"Bush's clock is in down in Satan's office. He's using it as a ceiling fan."

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ebay Riddle

This table is being sold by a man. How can I tell? Take a look at the picture and give your answer. If you can't figure it out, scroll down for the answer.

Take a look in the mirror in the top left hand corner.

Moral: Put some clothes on before you go trying to sell shit on Ebay.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

12 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive

I found this in a Yahoo Group. Do any of the blog fam agree with the tenets?

12 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive

1. Praise is such a great gift, and it's so easy to give. So look at the things that make your spouse and others unique and develop the habit of praising them for those special things.
2. Every painful trial is like an oyster, and there is a precious pearl—a personal benefit—in every one; every single one.
3. Don't go it alone. Welcome fresh insights of other perspectives—from extended family, friends, good marriage books, or a qualified marriage counselor.
4. In a mutually satisfying relationship, both people's needs are expressed, and they have the flexibility to give and take.
5. Honor goes hand in glove with love, a verb whose very definition is doing worthwhile things for someone who is valuable to us.
6. All our trials, great and small, can bring more of the two best things in life: love for life and love for others.
7. Oneness does not mean that one mate dominates the other or that the stronger controls the weaker.
8. Anger is our choice. We can choose to see its powerful potential for destruction and take steps to reduce it within us. Otherwise, it's and iceberg sinking our love.
9. Better understanding of the motivations and actions that grow out of our basic personalities can help us achieve personal and marital satisfaction.
10. Sharing deep feelings with each other is emotional intercourse, and it's vital to sexual satisfaction.
11. As we reach out to another, our own needs for fulfillment and love are met.
12. Give seven or more praises for every one fault-finding suggestion.

Atlanta 14 Eagles 10

Payback is a Biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch! Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles. The defeated the Falcons in the NFC Championship game last year and went on to play the New England Patriots in the SuperBowl. The Falcons beat some Eagle ass last night.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Something I Never See

Since I moved back to Atlanta, there is something that I have noticed. There are hardly any Black, Gay, Male, Couples. I see white couples, asian couples, and latino couples, but hardly any Black couples. And when I do see a black man in what appears to be a relationship, he's with someone of another race. I have no problem with that, but I would like to see some black-on-black couples.

What the hell is the deal? Can we not sustain healthy stable relationships? I have seen my share of white couples who have a house, kids, and a life together, but no Black couples with these things. In fact, I only know of 2 black couples that have a life together. One of those couples live in DC and the other couple lives in Chicago. Not in Atlanta.

I am a stouch supporter of love and relationships, but I swear that my faith is beginning to wain. I wonder if there is any hope for me to find a Black, Homosexual man that wants to actually have a life with me, a Black, Homosexual Man? I'm not rushing it, but just wondering if it will ever happen.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Why I Don't Have A Gun!

I went to BullDogs on Friday night with Chipmunk and had a pretty good time. Other than him trying to hold me from behind (I feel like such a punk when guys to that) I enjoyed hanging with him. But that ain't the real story.

When we left the club, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts cause he is now hooked on their sausage, egg and cheese croissant. While waiting on our food, this crowd of white boys came in. I already am not to fond of them, but one of them whispered a negavite comment about my shirt. The hood in me started to emerge and I was ready to say (and do) something to his stupid ass. But the voice of reason said to let it go. But the dude that made the initial comment, ran to another and repeated what he said and they started laughing. At that point I put the shirt on display and told them all to read it so that they could get it out of their systems. I was really ready to whoop pink-toe ass, but I ain't ready to go to jail over some bullshit. Let's just be glad that I don't own a gun. I swear to God that I would have shot that little beady-eyed muthafucka that started the shit. Each bullett, letting out some point of frustration in my life.

Why do people have to fuck with me? One day, some muthafucka is gonna fuck with me at the wrong moment and I will probably kill or seriously injure the bastard.

4 Years Ago Today

We all know what happened.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Atlanta At It's Black and Gay Best III

There was not supposed to be three parts to this entry, but the first one dissappeared and I had a date last night. So here is the last entry.

Prince and I hung around the bar for a minute talking about condo prices and neighborhoods. He's thinking of buying a condo here. When Beatmug and Goofy showed up, we headed out to the dance floor. My ex, Dreads, (we are just friends now) wanted to dance, so I grinded on him till he couldn't take it anymore. I had to stop, I didn't want him to write a check that I wasn't willing to cash. After a little while, we were all ready to go. So I found BeatMug, Chipmunk, Goofy, and Dreads and we headed to the door. On the way, I say two more people that I used to date. I spoke and acted like I was glad to see them. I wasn't, I just didn't want to be a bitch. So we left and stopped at Dunkin Donuts for their fabulous Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissants and muffins.

Monday was really a slow day for all of us. We pretty much slept the day away. The only thing that we did was drop by the host hotel to visit Simba and Boywonder. But Boywonder had already left for the airport. So we sat around watching some awful Eddie Murphy movie about a haunted house. When Simba and his other friends started talking about smoking weed, it was time to go. We headed back to my house in the car loudly singing Eryka Badu's "Tyrone." That was a sight to hear and see cause I can't sing a lick. When we got to the house, BeatMug hit the road back to Birmingham, Dreads went to the mall, and Goofy went to see some man he had met at a club. I took my tired ass to bed.

Monday night, I had no intentions of going anywhere, but Dreads was not having that. He wanted to go to the Compound, another party thrown by The Lion's Den. I'm glad that we went. The club as nicely appointed with two "rooms," I got so see some of the sexiest men in Atlanta. I also got to hear some good old-school Chicago Style House music. A lot of people hate it and call it "sissy" music. But fuck them and their opinions cause I love me some House Music. If you ever see and hear a blue Nissan Maxima blasting some House Music in Atlanta, it's probably me!

Anyway, Syleena Johnson was one of the performers at The Compound. I had to be there for two reasons. The first being that I am a big fan of Ms. Johnson. The second being that she tore up the Masquerade at Pride last year. This was a slightly smaller venue, but I knew that she would tear the house down. And she did just that. She sang her a few of songs off of here new CD and then she sang over her own voice on Kanye West's "All Falls Down." I love her voice. You just gotta understand. Tori Alamaze also performed her "hit" song "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me." She also clarified the confusion by letting us know that she was the originator of the song, not the Pussycat Dolls (with they no dancing, no singing asses). She didn't quite tear the house down, but she did a good job. After both performances, Syleena sang along with a few songs that the DJ played and got the crowd all riled up and dancing. And then all of a sudden, the club started to close. It was 3am. The city of Atlanta says that all clubs and bars must ceast alcohol sales at 2am and close at 3am. Bastards!!!!! So Dreads and I headed back to my crib.

Oh, I did get one number while I was in the at The Compound. Some dude walked up to me like he knew me and just started talking. He knew that he didn't know me and I let him know that. He told me that he was just nervous about approaching someone. We had a little dialogue and he gave me his number. I might call him. I might not.

And that is the conclusion of my weekend. After I read over it, it sounds kinda boring. But I promise you that I had one hell of a time. Can't wait till next year!!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Atlanta At Its Black and Gay Best II

So when I left off I had left Traxx and dropped off my friends to take my mad ass home. When I got home, I watched the news to check on the latest developments on the relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina. I swear I am addicted to the news. About an hour later BeatMug and Goofy arrived home to tell me about the club and their exploits. I was being a still kinda upset, so I playfully told them to shut it up so that I could get some sleep. Of course, we talked for another hour while I told them about my night and they told me about theirs'. Then we all fell asleep on the floor mid convo.

I don't think that anyone wanted to get up to do anything Sunday morning. I wanted to go work out, so I tried and tried to get upto fix breakfast. Remember that scene in Color Purple where Ms. Celie cooks breakfast for Shug Avery. Well that was what it was like here. You should have seen them fools jumping up when they smelled the omelets, grits, bacon, and cinammon rolls. We ate, drank, and were merry. I got a call from this dude (Chipmunk) that likes me inviting me to a barbeque in Conyers. Free food and free drinks, we all were game for that. So we really ain't plan anything for the day cause we were kinda tired and wanted to rest up for the night.

About 4pm, Chipmunk arrived and we just sat around watching TV for a minute since the barbeque didn't start till 4:30pm. About 5pm, we hit it to the party. Conyers is a ways out, so we arrived around 5:30 and of course Chipmunk wasn't sure where the hell he was going, so we got a little lost. But once we made it to the party, it was all that. People were ther having a good time already and we just added to the festivities. There were two guys there that kept letting each other have it (all in jest) to everyones' amusement. It was a trip and we really had fun. The food was excellent and the drinks were on point. Even though I was there with someone, some people had no problem trying to get with me. Made me feel kinda good. We stuck around the party till about 8pm. I really didn't want to leave, but my ex had asked to stay at my house and I had to meet him there.

By the time we got home, we started to get ready to go out because The Lion's Den was hosting another party at Traxx. The Lions Den is an entertainment company here that knows, and I mean knows, how to throw a party. They have props and strippers and the whole nine yards. It was off the chain. We wanted to get there early cause I was not about to wait in a line(call me impatient and I will respond with Valentino's YEAH AND).

When we got there, it was already crowded and we just joined in the crowd. If you don't know me and my crew, we are some drinkers. So we made a beeline straight to the bar. I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and a Philly Blunt Cigar and proceeded to get bent. The drink was horrible and I wanted to go tell the bartender, but my crew stopped me. They know that I get riled up about my drinks. We all separated and went our own ways, something that we never do. I was there with Chipmunk, so I wasn't on the prowl (as if I ever am). The rest of the hoes, went looking for prey. The men were on point and the music was tight as expected. Xscape performed, but I was not impressed. Where the hell was Kandy and Tiny? And what the hell happened to Tamika. She ballooned, while Latocha slimmed down. The sang a few songs, but the crowd didn't get hype till they sang "Just Kickin' It." You know that's everyones' joint. Then some rap duo came and and rapped about something. And then Ms. B (and Atlanta girl) came out and did a few songs. By that time the kids were ready to hear the DJ again.

I headed back to the bar and guess who I see (again)? It's No4Real4Real. This time, I wasn't eating, so I went up to meet him. We talked for a minute about the club, blogging and me trying to convince him to move to Atlanta. He's really a cutie. I then proceeded to the bar to get my drink and I swear that I saw Valentino. I wasn't sure, so I didn't approach him. I was not about to embarass myself. I found my friend Prince and we started up a conversation and hung around the bar for a minute.

Dammit I got to go handle something. Hopefully, I will finished this one day.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Atlanta At Its Black and Gay Best

Each year around the Labor Day holiday, the city of Atlanta adds about 15,000 to 20,000 weekend residents of the LGBT population. They converge upon the city for the annual Black, Gay Pride event that is hosted by Inthelifeatl. The actual event started as an annual barbeque among a group of friends (or so the story is told). It has now grown into one of , if not the largest, Black, Gay Pride events in the country. But enough about the history of Atlanta's Black, Gay Pride. Lets get to my weekend.

My weekend started out on Friday morning with my cleaning my house in preparation for friends to arrive. There were about 10 of them to arrive, but only 2 to stay with me.I even bought they asses an air mattress. I then hit it to the gym for quick last minute workout. At the gym, I ran into TBSIEH (The best sex I ever had) who I will talk about in a later post. He and I talked for a minute and hit the weights. He told me that he could see my progress and I told him the same. He asked for my number and I told him that I would give it to him, of which I had no intentions of doing. I then left the gym and hit it back home.

The first to arrive was my best friend, BeatMug. BeatMug and I have been friends for about 7 years, and I will discuss him in a later post also. He is a shopaholic, so you know where we immediately went when he arrived. The Mecca and Second Home for the Kids in Atlanta is none other than Lenox Square. We must have walked around for a good hour while he looked for a shirt to wear on Saturday night. I had no intentions of buying anything cause I have been off work for the last month. Inspite of all of that walking, he never found a shirt and I was pissed because it seemed like such a waste of time. The only shirt that he wanted was a green $75 Lacoste shirt. Bullshit if I ever pay that much for a damn polo shirt. We then hit it over to Phipps Plaza, THE upscale shopping plaza. Once again, he bought nothing. We left the mall and cruised around the city for a while and then went back to my crib.

The next to arrive to my house was Goofy, who I will discuss in a later post also. When he got there, we were sitting around doing nothing and resting before we went out. We then sat around on the computer looking and laughing at profile on Men4Now. If you ever get bored, check it out. Around 10:30 we started getting ready to go to the club. We all had to consult each other on our articles of clothing. I never overdue my "outfits" so I just wore a fitted clean, white T-shirt and some deep-blue, baggy jeans with some blue and white shoes and ,blue and white belt. I was looking too fly. I was proud of myself because I have never worn anything that shows off any part of my body. That tight assed t-shirt did it though. Oh, I forgot about the grey and yellow underwear that showed off my newly-rounded ass. I was looking mightly damn good. I don't remember what BeatMug and Goofy wore cause it's not important.

We got to the club about 11:45 because I was not about to stand in a long ass line. And you know that the later it gets, the more they charge. I was not having that BS. I like Tower II because of it's size. It's not big, but it's just the right size (with the outside patio). They also have three bars, one of which is on that patio. But the two things that I like the most about the club are the the music and the clientele. They play a lot of Hip-Hop and uptempo R&B, just the right mix that makes you want to dance (and drink). Then men on the other hand are just that. Men. All shades of brown, all sizes, and all shapes. I just love looking at them. Although there should be a limit on the number of wife-beaters allowed in the club. We drank, danced, and flirted and them when the club closed, we went outside. I had actually started a conversation with a dude that had caught my attention, but when the club closed, and everybody shuffled out, we lost each other. Oh well.

We then hit it to Atlanta Live, the new location of the world famous Traxx Atlanta. After 20 plus years, Traxx has moved to a new location. It was about 3:45 when we got there so it wasn't that crowded. But it was only $10 to get in with the coupons from Tower II. This club is in Dekalb county, so that liquor was still flowing and the club didn't close to 7. It was decent, but we got there a little late and missed most of the party. So we hit it back to the crib.

Saturday, we slept in and awaited the arrival of the other friends who were scheduled to come in. Our plans were to visit the host hotel, the very nice Sheraton Colony Square to see what was popping off and to visit the Market Place. While there, my friend Prince (cause he is 5'3" and 120lbs). He was checking in when we arrived, so we chilled in his room for a minute. We also wanted to get back to Lenox Square to try our hand at shopping once again and to see the boys that would be out. The mall was crowded as expected, but not as crowded as past years. We stopped to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen. While sitting there, I see no other than No4Real4Real. I wanted to meet him, but my food arrived as soon as I saw him. I wasn't leaving my salmon salad. No way, no how. We left the mall and hit it back to the crib cause it was nap time.

But no nap for me, my dumb ass volunteered to pick up a friend from Hartsfield-JACKSON International Airport (the world's busiest). I picked up Simba the airport and BoyWonder from one of his friend's house and took them back to the hotel. I'm glad that I was dressed already cause I never made it back to my house. This time, I was wearing a fitted green and white "Gay Pimp" shirt, some more baggy blue jeans, a green and white belt, green and white shoes, and green and white underwear (anybody see a trend here) . We chilled at the hotel for a while as we waited for some other people to arrive so that we could go out to Traxx since that was the hot spot for the night. Simba is loaded with dough, so he had rented a 1000 square foot penthouse suite. The rich bastard! The room was all that and a bag of weed.

When the others got there, the 7 of us, were ready to go out. But there was one problem, these hoes were hungry. My club-hopping ass want to stop by a fast food restaurant, but they all wanted to sit down and eat. Mind you it was 11:45. I was not happy about this situation cause I was supposed to meet BeatMug and Goofy at Traxx at 12:15. We went to Joe's on Juniper and sat down. I knew that we wouldn't be able to get in if we sat down and ate. I was hot as fish grease and they knew it. I tried to enjoy myself because I didn't want to be a bitch. I must admit that it was good to see my people, cause it had been a few months, and the wings were great. But by the time we left, it was 1:15 and BeatMug had already called and cursed me out. I hit it up I85 north at about 85mph to get there. When we got to the club the line had to be about a quarter mile long. I was once again hot as fish grease. I decided that I wanted to be a parking-lot pimp, so we parked and hit the parking lot. The security was not having that. The kept ushering the crowd around like a herd of cattle. I wanted to get in the line with the hopes of getting in sometime the next day, but when I did, they raised the price to $40. Oh Hell to the Naw was I paying that and neither was three-fourths of that line. So the parking lot pimping commenced. But I didn't see anybody that I wanted to holla at and the look on my face would have scared them off anyway. I was so mad at getting there late, the line, and the price, that I was burning up. I stepped in a puddle of water and the muthafucka evaporated. After about an hour of seeing people that I knew and having fake conversations, I was ready to go. This was tired and I was sick of the security people shouting "get to the other side of the parking lot." On my way back to the car, BeatMug called me from inside the club and cursed me out again and told me about how good of a time he was having. Ole short ass midget. I dropped Simba and BoyWonder off at their hotel and hit it home.

That's the first two days and i'm tired of typing, so the rest will have to come later. I promise it will be later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Weekend

I typed a whole damn post about my weekend. When I went to post publish it, it disappeared. I'll type it over again.