Saturday, September 10, 2005

Atlanta At It's Black and Gay Best III

There was not supposed to be three parts to this entry, but the first one dissappeared and I had a date last night. So here is the last entry.

Prince and I hung around the bar for a minute talking about condo prices and neighborhoods. He's thinking of buying a condo here. When Beatmug and Goofy showed up, we headed out to the dance floor. My ex, Dreads, (we are just friends now) wanted to dance, so I grinded on him till he couldn't take it anymore. I had to stop, I didn't want him to write a check that I wasn't willing to cash. After a little while, we were all ready to go. So I found BeatMug, Chipmunk, Goofy, and Dreads and we headed to the door. On the way, I say two more people that I used to date. I spoke and acted like I was glad to see them. I wasn't, I just didn't want to be a bitch. So we left and stopped at Dunkin Donuts for their fabulous Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissants and muffins.

Monday was really a slow day for all of us. We pretty much slept the day away. The only thing that we did was drop by the host hotel to visit Simba and Boywonder. But Boywonder had already left for the airport. So we sat around watching some awful Eddie Murphy movie about a haunted house. When Simba and his other friends started talking about smoking weed, it was time to go. We headed back to my house in the car loudly singing Eryka Badu's "Tyrone." That was a sight to hear and see cause I can't sing a lick. When we got to the house, BeatMug hit the road back to Birmingham, Dreads went to the mall, and Goofy went to see some man he had met at a club. I took my tired ass to bed.

Monday night, I had no intentions of going anywhere, but Dreads was not having that. He wanted to go to the Compound, another party thrown by The Lion's Den. I'm glad that we went. The club as nicely appointed with two "rooms," I got so see some of the sexiest men in Atlanta. I also got to hear some good old-school Chicago Style House music. A lot of people hate it and call it "sissy" music. But fuck them and their opinions cause I love me some House Music. If you ever see and hear a blue Nissan Maxima blasting some House Music in Atlanta, it's probably me!

Anyway, Syleena Johnson was one of the performers at The Compound. I had to be there for two reasons. The first being that I am a big fan of Ms. Johnson. The second being that she tore up the Masquerade at Pride last year. This was a slightly smaller venue, but I knew that she would tear the house down. And she did just that. She sang her a few of songs off of here new CD and then she sang over her own voice on Kanye West's "All Falls Down." I love her voice. You just gotta understand. Tori Alamaze also performed her "hit" song "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me." She also clarified the confusion by letting us know that she was the originator of the song, not the Pussycat Dolls (with they no dancing, no singing asses). She didn't quite tear the house down, but she did a good job. After both performances, Syleena sang along with a few songs that the DJ played and got the crowd all riled up and dancing. And then all of a sudden, the club started to close. It was 3am. The city of Atlanta says that all clubs and bars must ceast alcohol sales at 2am and close at 3am. Bastards!!!!! So Dreads and I headed back to my crib.

Oh, I did get one number while I was in the at The Compound. Some dude walked up to me like he knew me and just started talking. He knew that he didn't know me and I let him know that. He told me that he was just nervous about approaching someone. We had a little dialogue and he gave me his number. I might call him. I might not.

And that is the conclusion of my weekend. After I read over it, it sounds kinda boring. But I promise you that I had one hell of a time. Can't wait till next year!!!!!


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