Friday, September 09, 2005

Atlanta At Its Black and Gay Best II

So when I left off I had left Traxx and dropped off my friends to take my mad ass home. When I got home, I watched the news to check on the latest developments on the relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina. I swear I am addicted to the news. About an hour later BeatMug and Goofy arrived home to tell me about the club and their exploits. I was being a still kinda upset, so I playfully told them to shut it up so that I could get some sleep. Of course, we talked for another hour while I told them about my night and they told me about theirs'. Then we all fell asleep on the floor mid convo.

I don't think that anyone wanted to get up to do anything Sunday morning. I wanted to go work out, so I tried and tried to get upto fix breakfast. Remember that scene in Color Purple where Ms. Celie cooks breakfast for Shug Avery. Well that was what it was like here. You should have seen them fools jumping up when they smelled the omelets, grits, bacon, and cinammon rolls. We ate, drank, and were merry. I got a call from this dude (Chipmunk) that likes me inviting me to a barbeque in Conyers. Free food and free drinks, we all were game for that. So we really ain't plan anything for the day cause we were kinda tired and wanted to rest up for the night.

About 4pm, Chipmunk arrived and we just sat around watching TV for a minute since the barbeque didn't start till 4:30pm. About 5pm, we hit it to the party. Conyers is a ways out, so we arrived around 5:30 and of course Chipmunk wasn't sure where the hell he was going, so we got a little lost. But once we made it to the party, it was all that. People were ther having a good time already and we just added to the festivities. There were two guys there that kept letting each other have it (all in jest) to everyones' amusement. It was a trip and we really had fun. The food was excellent and the drinks were on point. Even though I was there with someone, some people had no problem trying to get with me. Made me feel kinda good. We stuck around the party till about 8pm. I really didn't want to leave, but my ex had asked to stay at my house and I had to meet him there.

By the time we got home, we started to get ready to go out because The Lion's Den was hosting another party at Traxx. The Lions Den is an entertainment company here that knows, and I mean knows, how to throw a party. They have props and strippers and the whole nine yards. It was off the chain. We wanted to get there early cause I was not about to wait in a line(call me impatient and I will respond with Valentino's YEAH AND).

When we got there, it was already crowded and we just joined in the crowd. If you don't know me and my crew, we are some drinkers. So we made a beeline straight to the bar. I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and a Philly Blunt Cigar and proceeded to get bent. The drink was horrible and I wanted to go tell the bartender, but my crew stopped me. They know that I get riled up about my drinks. We all separated and went our own ways, something that we never do. I was there with Chipmunk, so I wasn't on the prowl (as if I ever am). The rest of the hoes, went looking for prey. The men were on point and the music was tight as expected. Xscape performed, but I was not impressed. Where the hell was Kandy and Tiny? And what the hell happened to Tamika. She ballooned, while Latocha slimmed down. The sang a few songs, but the crowd didn't get hype till they sang "Just Kickin' It." You know that's everyones' joint. Then some rap duo came and and rapped about something. And then Ms. B (and Atlanta girl) came out and did a few songs. By that time the kids were ready to hear the DJ again.

I headed back to the bar and guess who I see (again)? It's No4Real4Real. This time, I wasn't eating, so I went up to meet him. We talked for a minute about the club, blogging and me trying to convince him to move to Atlanta. He's really a cutie. I then proceeded to the bar to get my drink and I swear that I saw Valentino. I wasn't sure, so I didn't approach him. I was not about to embarass myself. I found my friend Prince and we started up a conversation and hung around the bar for a minute.

Dammit I got to go handle something. Hopefully, I will finished this one day.


Blogger No4real4real said...

Alright now!!! Thanks for the compliment. It was cool meeting you. I will be sure to send a shout out your way when I finally blog about my weekend. I been taking my time, shit I been tired. A very long weekend.

No ATL for me. Not yet at least.

Sidebar - That was Valentino!

9:03 AM, September 10, 2005  

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