Monday, June 29, 2009

I Have Never Understood...

...the point of smoking weed. Never. Have I tried it? Yes I have. Will I try it again? No. Why? Because it did nothing for me. What prompted this post? I'll tell ya.

I have a friend who smokes marijuana regularly. Yesterday I went over his house to play spades and to watch the BET Awards. His boyfriend also invited a few of his friends over. So I noticed that there was a distinct separation in the two groups. My friend and us were downstairs and the boyfriend and his friends were upstairs. We were playing cards, drinking liqour (water and sodas for me) and talking. They were upstairs "chiefing".

I went upstairs to play pool after I lost my game of spades and found the other group just sitting around smoking. When I walked in the room, there was a cloud of smoke near the ceiling and the room smelled like a bunch of ugh! What I noticed is that they were all sitting around looking depressed. They weren't talking, moving or anything else. It was like walking into a morgue. I kept wondering "what's the fun and enjoyment in this" becuase they looked like they were at a funeral. I went back downstairs and joined the fun there.

The one time I did smoke some, I was 27 years of age. Most of the people in my community I grew up with smoked weed and I just never wanted to. I just didn't see the point. In addition, it's illegal. So at the ripe old age of 27, I decided to see what the fuss was all about. So a friend of mine rolled up and blunt and gave me instructions on how to pull, inhale, and exhale. Well after the blunt was gone I noticed that he was in his own little world, while I was sitting there waiting for this so called "euphoric" feeling to come over me where I feel like all my troubles are gone. It never came. After about an hour of waiting, I gave up on that feeling ever coming. Smoking weed did absolutely nothing for me. Nothing.

I guess that's why I am a drinker and not a smoker. First of all, it's legal to purchase. I don't have to wonder if the person selling it to me is an undercover police officer or not. Second of all, I know what to drink to give me a "euphoric" feeling and I know exactly where to get it.

So i'm wondering if someone can tell me what they enjoy about smoking marijuana. Because a brotha like me just doesn't get the point.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now This Is A Hell of a Tribute..

...even though is was made 2 years ago!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do People Really Believe...

...that this ish works??? I know a few people who have been though an "exorcism" to cast out the homosexual "demon" and they are still homosexual!!

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - The video shows the 16-year-old boy lying on the floor, his body convulsing, as elders of a small Connecticut church cast a "homosexual demon" from his body.

"Rip it from his throat!" a woman yells. "Come on, you homosexual demon! You homosexual spirit, we call you out right now! Loose your grip, Lucifer!"

The 20-minute video posted on YouTube by Manifested Glory Ministries is being called abuse by gay and youth advocates, who are demanding an investigation. But a church official this week denied that the teenager was injured or that the church is prejudiced.

"We believe a man should be with a woman and a woman should be with a man," the Rev. Patricia McKinney told The Associated Press. "We have nothing against homosexuals. I just don't agree with their lifestyle."

'Come out of his belly'The church posted the video on YouTube but has since removed it; it is still available on some Web sites that copied it. The church declined to make the video available for distribution by The Associated Press.

It shows church members standing the youth on his feet by holding him under his arms, and people shouting as organ music plays.

"Come out of his belly," someone commands. "It's in the belly — push."

Later, the teenager is back on the floor, breathing heavily. Then he's coughing and apparently vomiting into a bag.

"Get another bag," a participant says. "Make sure you have your gloves."

As the youth lay back on the ground, limp, church members put a white sheet over him.

It's nearly impossible to say how often similar exercises occur in churches nationwide. But Kamora Herrington, who runs a mentoring program at True Colors and has worked with the youth, said she believes it's fairly common.

"This happens all the time," she said. "This is not isolated."

Robin McHaelin, executive director of True Colors, an advocacy group for gay youths, said her organization is aware of five cases in recent years in which youths in her program were threatened with exorcism.

'I think it's horrifying'
In one case, she said, a child called to report that his caregiver had called a priest who was throwing holy water on his bedroom door.

"I think it's horrifying," McHaelin said of the video by Manifested Glory. "What saddens me is the people that are doing this think they are doing something in the kid's best interests, when in fact they're murdering his spirit."

McHaelin said she planned to report the situation to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. An agency spokesman said the agency does not comment on complaints or investigations.

"They have this kid in a full nelson," she said. "That just seems abusive to me."

McKinney said the youth was 18. The boy confirmed he is 16 but otherwise declined to comment, citing the advice of his pastor.

McHaelin said the boy told her staff that the church performed the ritual three times at his request. She said the boy has been engaging in risky behavior that she blames on the church's treatment.

McKinney said the youth went to the church last year and collapsed on the floor during a service.
"He was out of control in the church," she said. "This young man came to us. We didn't go to him."

'He didn't want to be like that'McKinney denied the ritual was an exorcism, describing it instead as a casting out of spirits. She said the church took care of the youth, providing him clothes.

"He was dressing like a woman and everything. And he didn't want to be like that," McKinney said.

The teen had been in reform school for stealing but was eager to get out and go to the church to have what he thought were his demons driven out, Herrington said.

Exodus International, a Christian group that believes gays can become straight through prayer and counseling, does not advocate the church's approach, said Jeff Buchanan, director of church equipping.

The Rev. Roland Stringfellow, a minister in Oakland, Calif., said he was subject to demon casting in the 1990s when he was at a Baptist church and was struggling with his sexuality. He said he was put in front of the church as members shouted "demon of homosexuality come out of him."

"It caused nothing but shame and embarrassment," Stringfellow said.

McKinney also has a weekly radio program. She talked on Wednesday's program about being "persecuted" in recent days but did not mention the video specifically.

"It's been a hard time for me, but I'm looking good and I'm standing strong because when you have a mandate like mine you're not going to say what you want without the adversary coming after you," she said. "If you are a true prophet you're not going to be popular with the people."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm All For Self Expression, But...

...there are some things that can't be help being laughed at!!! This is just sad on so many levels.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Friends Really...

...opened my eyes last weekend during out Friday night discussion session! An I actually wasn't going to post this, but after reading Kenny King's post about his friend doing it to him, I had to.

Like I said, we were having our usual Friday night discussion session and the topic somehow ended up as too why some people can't keep a man. Then it got onto why I can't keep a man. Go figure. I told my friends that it's not that I can't keep a man, it's that when I realize that a dude isn't for me, I let the situation go. I don't see a point in continuing to date a dude I can't get along with or am not compatible with.

I told them that I am what a few dudes have called a bitch. And that's when they opened my eyes. I was told that the reason I can't/won't stay with a dude is that i'm too overbearing for the kind of guy that I like. They went on to explain that the kind of guys they have seen me date are guys with a strong and confident personality just like mine. After drinking another glass of wine and thinking about it, I realized that they were right, even though I knew that already. And that's when my eyes were opened. They also pointed out that the few passive guys that I have tried to date haven't lasted past a few weeks. Now that I already knew. I don't like guys that are pushovers. Like Kenny said, "even though I had already known this-- I have to admit that it felt good for someone so close to me to take the time to call me out in a loving, concerned way".

Over the last few days, I have been reviewing the relationships and dating situations that I have had and realizing that I am rather strong-minded. I don't like to be told what to do, but can and will tell you what to do. I like to be right and will only back down when I am proven to be wrong. I speak my mind even when my opinion is not solicited. Overall, I just have a very assertive personality.

So what was I to do? They explained that I should tone down on my personality and I will be fine. I have to learn to listen instead of being the one to talk. I have to let someone else take the lead. I have to become more attentive to my reactions. So that's what I plan to do. I know it's going to take some time to adjust myself, but if it's for the betterment of myself and my relationships (familial and platonic also), then that's something that i'm willing to do. I'm hoping that I can become a better liked and more respected person.

So, thanks to my friends for opening my eyes a little wider as to what I already knew was one of my problems. Ole blunt bitches!!!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've Worked In The...

...hospitality industry for 10 years now and I have put up with my fair share of rude, inconsiderate, and non-thinking people. And I think that you find some of the worst people in hotels. But the one industry that beats the dummies in hospitality is the airline industry. I just don't know how they do it.

Here is an article that I found on Yahoo that list some pet peeves of flight attendents.

1. Bring your pet on the plane and then act like an animal.
Over the years, I've seen a pet on a passenger's lap, a pet tucked into a seatback pocket, and a pet loose in the aisle (I nearly hit one with my beverage cart). All of this is against federal regulations. People tell me how well-behaved their pet is, but they can't follow the rules themselves! Your pet must stay in its carrier while you're on the plane. Yes, even if you've paid a "pet-in-cabin" fee.

2. Shove your bag into the first bin you see and then walk to your seat in the back of the plane.

You think you're clever, I know. You expect to grab your bag on your way out of the plane, but you're selfishly inconveniencing others. I can't lie and say we flight attendants don't take some small satisfaction when we tell you, "We couldn't identify the bag's owner, so we sent it to cargo." It's a security issue, for real. Carry-ons need to stay near their owners! So don't look so shocked when we say, "The signs will direct you to baggage claim. You can pick up your bag there."

3. Think that because you're on an airplane you're off-duty as a parent.

Stop expecting us to have spare diapers, formula, medicine, toys, playing cards, or batteries for DVD players or Game Boys. It's an airplane, not a 7-11. Take your kid to the restroom before you board. Leave the dry cereal and Legos at home and bring snacks and toys for your kids that won't make a horrible mess.

4. Drag on an oversize bag that's too heavy for you to lift by yourself.

I won't be compensated for any injuries I might sustain if I heft your bag into the overhead compartment for you. (And other passengers shouldn't have to step up and take the risk either.) The guideline is simple: You pack it, you stack it. Try this at home as a test (and this is to you ladies, especially): After you've packed your bag, put on the shoes you plan to wear on the plane and see if you can lift your bag and place it on top of your refrigerator. You can't? Pay the fee and check the bag.

5. Gripe that you haven't been seated in a roomy exit-row seat.

The exit rows weren't created as a reward for people who are tall, overweight, or just plain nice. They were designed to help passengers get out of the plane in an emergency. The people seated in an exit row must be able to see and speak clearly, open the emergency door, and help others. I prefer to see uniformed military, firefighters, law-enforcement officers, or off-duty pilots and flight attendants sitting in those seats. While the gate agent may assign exit-row seats first, the flight attendant makes the final determination about who gets to sit in them. And the quality of our choices is one of the frequent concerns of Federal Aviation Administration officials when they audit airlines for safety practices. So please don't complain. I'm just doing my job.

6. Act like you don't know the meaning of the words "under the seat in front of you."

Someday I will be muttering "under the seat in front of you" in the old-age home for flight attendants. What is it that you don't understand? To be clear, items should not be stowed behind your calves, under your feet like a footstool, in the open seat next to you, or in your lap. It's under the seat in front of you. And it applies to everything you carry on board. Items stored carelessly can trip others, or dislodge during takeoff and get lost, or inconvenience others. And while I'm on the topic: Please don't wrap your purse (or umbrella strap) around your ankle to keep from forgetting it. What will happen in an emergency, when every second counts and there's no time to disentangle yourself from your precious bag? Will you drag it ball-and-chain-style down the aisle of a burning plane?

7. Whine about the high price of flying.

When I hear people complain about coach airfares, I know they're not keeping up with the news. Fares have rarely been cheaper. In recent years, it's not uncommon for you to be able to cross the continent for under $130 each way, with a maximum of one layover. It's a bargain! At that price, you're barely paying for the fuel to get your body there—never mind the cost of shipping your 50 pounds of gear. You're already on the gravy plane. People point to first class ticket holders and want to know why they don't get the same treatment. Wake up folks: You're getting a great deal. If you want even more, pay more!

People, please be considerate when staying in hotels and when flying! I beg of you!!!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Would Have...

...tasered her ass too! He warned her 5 times and she didn't listen. Some senior citizens seem to think that their age gives them a pass to be belligerent.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

I've Always Had A...

...very assertive, maybe even aggressive personality. Even as a child, I was one to say exactly how I felt, do things on my own, and stick to my guns. And I think that my childhood has a lot to do with how strong my personality is.

Even though I recognize my personality, I can't determine if it was natural or if it was nurtured. My parents, like most everyone elses', had a very strong influence on my life. My father was what we called a hellion. He could strike fear into a person just by looking at them. And my mother would cut you to your core with just a few words. The one thing that they always taught was to speak your mind and get your point across, but always listen to what is being said and what isn't being said to you. And I have always lived by those teachings.

I've always been known as the person that won't hold back a question. The person who will say exactly how he feels. The person who doesn't use euphemisms and calls a hoe a hoe. The person who won't back down from an argument. The person whose face you can read and know what he is thinking.

And a lot of that has turned people off over the years. What i'm learning now is to shut up sometimes. I'm learning to control my temper and my mouth. I'm learning to control my emotions from showing up on my face.

What i'm learning now is to adjust from being that Type-A person to at least a Type-AB person. And I feel happier already.