Friday, May 08, 2009

This Was Quite Interesting...

...but i'm not shocked that there was only 1 brotha with a truly enlightened opinion.

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Blogger BPS 4.0 : Soul Exposure said...

If these Bamas live in Dallas then they are most likely closet queens. I have never seen so much freakiness in my life. Yes there are straight strictly coochie loving brothas in the DF-Dub. But you can bet $4.95 that they don't spend their time talking about this. The ones I have met have a do you attitude because they are going to do them.

5:39 PM, May 10, 2009  
Blogger Chet said...

I almost threw my laptop out the window!

8:52 PM, May 17, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the f***??? This sh*t has got to be scripted. Okay, let's get some points out there:
1. The "man" in the black and white striped shirt that was can bet your bottom dollar that he didn't just walk off like he said he did. You can tell by his reaction when he was asked how did he respond. I can tell when people are LYING!!!!
2. The pineapple head brother in the brown t-shirt...could you be just a bit more neanderthal??? With your "don't ask don't tell" attitude, you will be one of the people that end up a statistic with your name added to the aids quilt.
I cannot stand hipocricy and three of the people at this table reeked of it. Why is it acceptible to men for women to engage in lesbian activities, but not okay for men to do the same? To each their own. If you are comfortable in your sexuality and yourself as a person, it would not bother you ONE FREAKING BIT for someone to ask you are you gay or downlow or whatever tag they may use. You know who and what you are so you just answer the question and move on. I bet the whole session ended with two or more of the "brothers" hooking up.

1:49 PM, May 26, 2009  

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