Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Slipping

I got a confession to make. I have been slipping on my workout plan. I have my reasons, but I don't have excuses.

Reason #1. I have been working like a fool. Last month, I was gone for 25 of 31 days. When I am away from home, the last thing that I want to do is exercise. But still that is not an excuse.

Reason #2. I just haven't been motivated to do anything. The days that I have been home and available to go to the gym, I have been to tired to actually go.

Reason #3. After 4 months of exercise, I had lost only 20 lbs. After that, my weight stabilized, I want to get down to #170 lbs from the 185lbs I am right now. I got a little frustrated and lost interest in working out.

But, since I am planning to go to Puerto Rico in May, I have to get this body together. I am not taking my shirt off or wearing a speedo on the beach unless this body is tight. Guys tell me all of the time that I am sexy, but I don't see it. Until this stomach is all the way gone, I won't consider this body to be sexy. Now don't get me wrong, I love my body, but I want it to look better.

So, tomorrow I start my 30 day challenge. I want to lose these last 10 pounds around my abdomen and see more definition in my arms and legs. To do this, I have come up with a plan.

1. Tae-bo 3 times a week. I will do the full workout whether I am at home or traveling.

2. 100 crunches a day. Split into 50 in the morning and 50 before bed. And 50 push ups split into the same intervals as the crunches. (Why are sit-ups so hard to do?)

3. Be at the gym on the days that I am home, and the days that I am not home to do Tae-bo.

4. Cut out the sugar and sodium. I realized that although I have been eating more fruits an veggies, I still take in a hell of a lot of sugar and sodium. I will resolve to cook more for myself so that I can control the sugar and sodium that I take in.

5. Take pictures of myself on day 1, day 15 and day 30. I need to be able to see my results happening.

I am hoping that this plan will yield the desired results. Even if the results are not what I imagine, I am gonna keep going until I get what I want.

And to anyone who thinks or says anything about me being a skinny (insert word here), keep any spiteful comments to your damn self!


Blogger Cash S. said...

Your workout plan sounds good! Stick to it and you should certainly see results.

Dude in that picture is something else!

4:35 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger DizYaBoy said...

yo ... if u cut out da sodium and sugar outta ur diet ... you'll see results in no time.

i love da picture idea ... that should keep you motivated!

6:52 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger *Madosi said...

good luck on that love!

be dedicated to it and work for it, is what i say!

that's hott!

7:09 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger dancehard said...

Oh yeah, you could definitely reach that 10 lbs in 30 days. If i may add my professional opinion (i work as a trainer)...try incorporating some straight cardio work at the beginning/end of your weight training sessions. 30 minutes would be perfect, just to keep your body in fat burning mode while at the gym. The Taebo is very aerobic and anaerobic, so you get the best of all worlds...keep it up!

8:00 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger Ladynay said...

1. Dude in the pic looks nasty (don't throw nothing @ me) that's just too much...

2. You prolly leveled out because you were gaining muscle while losing fat, muscle weighs more...so don't stop because the weight plateau

3. Good Luck!

8:04 PM, January 10, 2006  
Anonymous Bernie said...

Let me provide the dissenting opinion, throwing your own words back at you:

Guys tell me all of the time that I am sexy, but I don't see it. Until this stomach is all the way gone, I won't consider this body to be sexy. Now don't get me wrong, I love my body, but I want it to look better.

You are already getting compliments, but you aren't happy. Perhaps it's not the external you that needs strengthening?

8:26 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger Pammie said...

Um let's try not to bulk up like ole boi and turn your nutz into raisin - it's NOT cute!

8:53 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger lj said...

Your work out plan sounds pretty tight to me. The only thing I would suggest is running two or three days a week( best way to burn calories)

9:17 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger E said...

Wow...that pic was certainly a nice thing to see. Some guys have all the looks...*LOL*.

Good workout plan. I so need to get back to Tae-bo.

2:28 AM, January 11, 2006  
Blogger Virginia Slim said...

Good luck with the plan, man. If it's what you want, you should definitely go after it. Can't wait to hear about the results.

9:23 AM, January 11, 2006  
Blogger That Girl said...

I need to get on your plan.

2:10 PM, January 13, 2006  

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