Monday, January 23, 2006


A year ago I had never heard of a blog, but now I don't think that I can live without them. I have been reading since the end of January of 2005. And honestly, I have no idea how I got started. But I do remember the first one that I read. It was Rod 2.0:beta. I started reading his and realized that I could link to others and I have been on a role every since then. Believe it or not, I read or check about 36 blogs per day.

I started my blog on July 15, 2005 after months of just reading and commenting anonomously. I actually got an screen name in June just so that I could comment and leave my mark. After about a month, I decided that "if they can do it, hell, I can too." And with that, I embarked on a mission to set up and start my blog. At first it was hard because I had not idea what I was doing. It took me 2 weeks to learn how to post a dang picture. But in the last few months, I have gotten better. Although, I still am not the master of blogging with the pictures and podcast, and all that high tech stuff.

I now count blogging as one of the best experiences of my life? It has allowed me to say what I want and divulge information that I otherwise wouldn't divulge with people. I love that fact that people all over the globe can read about my life, as uninteresting as it may be to me. I have also had a chance to meet a few bloggers in person to put a real persona to the written word. I can do and say what I want without no interruptions. I can put an idea on pause and come back to it later. Yes, blogging has been wonderful. And I plan to continue it for as long as it's available.


Blogger EJ Flavors said...

you started your blog exactly 1 day before my birthday. congratulations. keep on doing your thing. it can be challenging at times, but it's a great thing.

9:54 PM, January 23, 2006  
Anonymous Bernie said...

I'm not sure when I stumbled upon your blog (I probably saw your comment on a friend's blog), but I've been reading ever since. Keep it up.

9:57 PM, January 23, 2006  
Blogger DizYaBoy said...

keep it up man ...

5:12 AM, January 24, 2006  
Blogger Pammie said...

Hey you! Your story is very similar to mine all the way down to Rod, lol (who is my blogfather, lol) - I feel the same way about mine as you do about yours and now mine's will be published in a Philly newpaper! So keep up the good work! I'm reading.....LOL

7:50 AM, January 24, 2006  
Blogger Curious1 said...

Good for u brother... Stay doing your thing.

1:18 PM, January 24, 2006  
Blogger That Girl said...

Blogging is great...I began when I was really at a low point in my life and I felt like I needed something to allow me to document my feelings. I used to keep journals when I was, I just decided to do it now as an helps to get others advice esp. since no one really knows me.

8:49 AM, January 29, 2006  

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