Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Haven't Been Posting...

... because there hasn't been anything going on in my life. My birthday was non-eventful. I haven't seen the dude i've been dating in 3 weeks because I have been traveling. I haven't had a great deal of fun even though I've been to Puerto Rico 3 times in the last 3 months (and coming back next week).

I just have been really bored and boring lately. I feel like i'm in a social rut and I attribute that mostly to my job. We haven't traveled this much since November of 07. But that's will all be ending in May when our schedule clears up a bit. I need my time off!!!!

1. I broke my little abstinence vow. When people tell you that alcohol will tear down your will power, they aren't lying. Tuscany and I got drunk at a restaurant and I couldn't drive home, so I stayed at his place. Next thing I know, I was tearing that ass up and making him scream (was that too much?).

2. I went kayaking and actually enjoyed it. While waiting to get on the kayak I was literally shaking and damn near in tears. But once I got in the water and started paddling, I was cool. That is until my kayak partner got tired and stopped paddling. I had to do the steering and the paddling to get us back to our starting point. I almost hit his ass up side the head with that oar and throw his ass in the water. But that would have been mean.

3. I haven't worked my part-time job since December. I was really enjoying that damn money and also having something to do on my days off. Damn recession is fucking everyone up. The management cut hours so now only the full-timers get to work. So now when they call me with questions, I don't answer.

4. I saw the stimulus increase on my paycheck!!!!!!!!! It was a whole $8 tax cut. Really??? So AIG, GM, and Chrysler can get billions and I get $8 bucks a week that I will have to pay back when I file my 2009 taxes!!?? Really????????????????????????????????? They would have done better to just give each US adult a few thousand. Where would it have gone? Straight to the fucking banks to be spent paying bills!!!!

5. I tried my best to get rid of Dreads, but that man just won't let go. He is insisting that we have an in-person talk to get out how we really feel about each other. I've agreed to this talk and even talked it over with Tuscany. He's having issues with his ex as well, so he really couldn't protest.

6. I'm finally going on a cruise ( in October and can't wait. It's on Carnival, but the group i'm going with will be Black and Gay. Last year they had about 70 people to go. I'm hoping that they can get more so we can take over the ship.

7. I'm tired of traveling. While i'm in Puerto Rico for the 3rd time, it's no fun when you have to work 10-12 hours a day. The last thing I want to do when I get off it anything that involves exerting energy. People think that it's glamorous to be flying all over, but it's not. After 6.5 years, i'm tired of it. But in this economy, i'm scared to look for another job.

8. I planned a vacation to celebrate my best friend's 30th birthday the first week of June. We planned to go to either Santo Domingo or San Juan. But guess what? My sister-in-law decided to plan a family trip to Orlando the same damn week. I missed the one last year and promised to go this year. But they moved the dates from July to June. Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!!

9. I put my tax refund to good use this year. I paid off some credit cards, got my brakes replaced ($650 fucking dollars), paid car insurance up until May, and paid for my cruise. I wasted a little, but I still have some left!! I love tax refunds!!!

10. That's all the hell I have to say. I'm going to try to post more often. I swear I am.

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Anonymous photogreg said...

Good to hear from you!

7:52 AM, March 19, 2009  
Blogger thegayte-keeper said...

your life ain't boring @ all...just enjoy it guy...

7:59 AM, March 19, 2009  
Blogger YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

$650 for brakes, what was up with your brakes...Good Lawd!

For someone who is tired of traveling, you sure have the vacations lined up.
how are you bored, you really don't seem to be having a bored life right now, what do you consider not boring.

You go to Peurto Rico so much, and you still haven't hookup with a local native yet. You should have a regular by now, that when you hitthe ground, they are waiting in your room. Tisk Tisk Tisk

8:35 AM, March 19, 2009  
Blogger Joey Bahamas said...

Sounds like you need to switch it up a lil bit Unc. It's good to hear from you though...don't stay away too long, and take me to PR next time you go!


3:29 PM, March 19, 2009  
Anonymous kennyking78 said...

Um, your life does not sound boring at all...

And I am like Joey Bahamas... next time you go to PR invite a brotha!

3:41 PM, March 19, 2009  
Blogger Chet said...

First and foremost welcome back! Now you claim that your life is boring right about now... Chile Pleeze! It appears that your life is anything, but boring and it is certainly plentiful, then again I only you can define what boring is to you. Sorry to hear that your birthday was uneventful. Puerto Rico three times in such a short time can't be all bad, but work is work.
(2)Kyaking sounds like fun, but I can imagine you being petrified the first time, but all went well and you had a good time.
(3)The part-time gig would have keep you busy, and lined your pockets with disposable income. Damn recession.
(4)Not a whole eight dollars a week.
(5)Dreads is back and Tuscant too? Handle that little bit of business.
(6)Taking the cuise will certainly refresh you, and chances are it will be a good turnout being that Carnival has great deals right now.
(7)Hold stedy man keep that job until times get better.
(8)Family first besides Orlando can and will be fun.
(9)wise man you made your tax refund work for you.
(10) Looking forwrd to it!

7:50 PM, March 19, 2009  
Blogger Cocoa Rican said...

Glad you broke someone off proper! LOL
Puerto Rico is my hometown and the BOMB. I sooooo wish I could be there as often as you've been. You know I love your spirit, so let things flow. We miss you!

9:35 AM, March 20, 2009  
Blogger Mr. Jones said...

At least one of us is getting laid.

2:29 PM, March 23, 2009  
Blogger Kyon Saucier said...

Well I'm glad you're back amour 'cause I missed you!

5:57 PM, March 24, 2009  

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