Sunday, July 24, 2005

Don't Ask Me That

So I have been dating The Best for about a month now. Well, to say that it's been smooth would be a bold-faced lie. I have had more arguments with this man than I ever have with anyone else in such a short period of time. I sensed a problem from the beginning, so I held out on having sex with him. The Best bragged several hundred times about how good his sexual skills were. I kept telling him that he would have to prove it, cause words don't mean shit to me.

Thursday night I gave The Best a chance to prove put his sex where all his talk was. I will tel you the truth as I will only tell the truth on this blog. He did not live up to his name. The sex was just OK. That's it. Just OK.

Hours later after he left, I was on the phone with Beat Mug (my best friend) just talking about random shit that we always do. And my phone beeps. It's . So I tell Beat Mug that I will call him back and continue the convo with The Best.

That Dude Right There: Wassup with you kid?
The Best: Chillin. What you doing?
That Dude Right There: On the phone with Beat Mug.
The Best: Did you tell him about us having sex? (Of course I had, only when it's not great)
That Dude Right There:No.
The Best: Why not? (And I take the phone from my ear and look at it)
That Dude Right There: I didn't know that I had to.
The Best: Can I ask you something? (I knew what he was gonna ask)
That Dude Right There: Yeah, go ahead
The Best: Was the sex we had the best you ever had? I know it was.

Now reader(s), I got to ask you a question. Why do brothas ask this question? I always try to tell the truth when people ask me questions. But on this question, I try to plead the fifth.

That Dude Right There:I'm not gonna answer that question.
The Best: Why not?
That Dude Right There: Because niggas can't handle the truth when you tell it to them AND i
don't want to start an argument. If I say "no" then you gonna start
start with a barrage of questions. If I say yeah, then yo head is gonna
inflate. I don't contribute to head swelling
That Dude Right There: Nigga don't fucking yell at me! No, yo shit was not the best that I ever
had. Now is yo conceited ass satisfied?
The Best: Fuck you!
That Dude Right There: Not again! I need to enroll yo ass in a fucking and sucking class. I told
you to stop bragging. I knew I shoulda kept my ass on lock.
The Best: I'm sorry baby, I ain't mean to yell.
That Dude Right There: Yeah.
The Best: So, what was bad and what was good about it?
That Dude Right There: Can you not tell, that I don't wanna talk about it?
The Best: Well this is how I can tell if relationship can last?
That Dude Right There: So yo 35 year old ass bases the possiblity of a relationship on how good
or bad the sex is?
The Best: Yeah. I gotta see if we are compatible.
That Dude Right There: I gotta go pack my clothes. I'll call you later.
The Best: So it's like that, huh?
That Dude Right There: Bye. I'll talk to you later.Click!

Now fellas, I guess you can see that the moral of this story is to not ask somebody how good your sex skills are. Some people will lie and tell you what they think that you want to hear. Some, like me, will tell the truth and possibly hurt your feelings. I for one have never asked this question. When I'm fucking somebody, I look in his face and listen to him to guage his reactions. That tells me a lot about the enjoyment level. If the nigga ain't moving or making sounds, he probably ain't enjoying it! But I will never flat out ask a nigga.


Anonymous Bernie said...

May I ask some questions, however?

Do you believe two people can sustain a relationship if there is not sexual compatibility?

Do you believe sex partners have a responsibility to inform each other of what turns them on and how they like things done or should they assume the other person will somehow figure it out?

6:37 AM, July 24, 2005  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

Thanks for reading my blog and for the comments. And,of course, you can always askme questions.

Question 1: Yes two people can sustain a relationship if they are not sexually compatible. I did it for three years. When we started dating, he did not want to be penetrated. I dealt with that for a few months. I didn't pressure him for some booty, and would have never cheated. But eventually he ended up giving it up every so often because he knew that I loved and cared about him and didn't want to just do it just to do it.

Question: Yes, they do. But please do not ask. A person should have enough confidence to talk to his/her partner about likes and dislikes about everything. Again, i'll use the relationship from Answer #1. He was horrible at sex when we first started. The first time that I told him that he wasn't great, he went off. Eventually, he started listening to me and got to the point where sex was just off the chain.

7:38 AM, July 24, 2005  
Blogger Tim said...

I'm sorry to hear that you went through the madness. All I can say is something that you told me (in not so many words)....fuck him. He'll be aiight.

I want to thank you for reading my blog and putting that comment on tonight's entry. It is truly appreciated.

Much Love,

12:16 AM, July 25, 2005  
Blogger The Foxybrown Show said...

I agree, I mean what's the point in asking? You can tell if it was bad just as clearly as you can tell if it was good. I love that you answered his question and moved it along...I tell you

11:01 AM, July 26, 2005  

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