Friday, July 15, 2005

50 Things About Me

Since I am new to the blogosphere, I figured that I would tell the world some facts about "That Dude Right There."

1. I am 27 years of age.
2. I am 6'2" in height.
3. I weigh 192 lbs (and on my way to 180).
4. I live in Decatur,GA (suburb of Atlanta).
5. I drive a 2001 Nissan Maxima.
6. I will own a Jaguar in a few months
7. I am both Black and Gay (you thought that was impossible didn't you)
8. Both my parents are deceased.
9. I love(d) my mother.
10. I hate(d) my father.
11. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister.
12. I was actually adopted.
13. I do know my birth parents and siblings.
14. I don't want to talk to my birth parents.
14. I hated my childhood.
15. I was sexually assaulted when I was six.
16. I had to go to counseling when I was in college because I was so fucked up in the head.
17. I am happier with my life now.
18. I have had 2 true committed relationships in my life.
19. The longer of the 2 was 2.5 years.
20. The shorter of the 2 was 1 year.
21. The longer one ended because he hit me and we got into a physical fight.
22. The shorter one ended because he lived in Chicago and I in Atlanta. (LONG Distance)
23. I enjoy being single.
24. Inspite of #23, I am currently dating someone.
25. My job makes it extremely difficult to date anyone.
26. I am not sure if I want to actually be dating someone.
27. I have been in love many times in my life.
28. I have loved only 4 people (romantically) in life.
29. I still love those 4 people.
30. I am still not over either of the relationships that I was in.
31. I lived with my lover for 1 year after we broke up cause we were to broke to break the lease.
32. I spent $2200 for plane tickets during the year that I was in a long distance relationship.
33. I think this shit is hard as hell to complete.
34. I hate my body.
35. I have started to workout to change #34.
36. Working out is actually enjoyable.
37. I started working out to lower my blood pressure.
38. My blood pressure was an average of 160/95 a month ago.
39. It is now down to 140/85 as of today.
40. People tell me that i have beautiful legs and thighs.
41. I don't see what they see.
42. I had really bad acne until two years ago.
43. The scars are finally starting to fade away.
44. I have lived in 6 cities in the last 9 years.
45. I have moved fro Birmingham to Chicago to Atlanta within six months.
46. I missed living in Atlanta so much that I just moved back in May from Chicago.
47. Now I miss Chicago (but not that high ass rent)
48. I am not overly masculine.
49. I am not overly feminine.
50. I am just me.


Blogger Just-as-I-am said...

that was hott.great way to introduce urself. Welcome to the Blogg world

8:56 AM, July 17, 2005  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

Thanks for noticing. I've been reading you blog for a few weeks and you were part of the inspiration for me to start my own.

11:39 PM, July 17, 2005  

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