Thursday, September 08, 2005

Atlanta At Its Black and Gay Best

Each year around the Labor Day holiday, the city of Atlanta adds about 15,000 to 20,000 weekend residents of the LGBT population. They converge upon the city for the annual Black, Gay Pride event that is hosted by Inthelifeatl. The actual event started as an annual barbeque among a group of friends (or so the story is told). It has now grown into one of , if not the largest, Black, Gay Pride events in the country. But enough about the history of Atlanta's Black, Gay Pride. Lets get to my weekend.

My weekend started out on Friday morning with my cleaning my house in preparation for friends to arrive. There were about 10 of them to arrive, but only 2 to stay with me.I even bought they asses an air mattress. I then hit it to the gym for quick last minute workout. At the gym, I ran into TBSIEH (The best sex I ever had) who I will talk about in a later post. He and I talked for a minute and hit the weights. He told me that he could see my progress and I told him the same. He asked for my number and I told him that I would give it to him, of which I had no intentions of doing. I then left the gym and hit it back home.

The first to arrive was my best friend, BeatMug. BeatMug and I have been friends for about 7 years, and I will discuss him in a later post also. He is a shopaholic, so you know where we immediately went when he arrived. The Mecca and Second Home for the Kids in Atlanta is none other than Lenox Square. We must have walked around for a good hour while he looked for a shirt to wear on Saturday night. I had no intentions of buying anything cause I have been off work for the last month. Inspite of all of that walking, he never found a shirt and I was pissed because it seemed like such a waste of time. The only shirt that he wanted was a green $75 Lacoste shirt. Bullshit if I ever pay that much for a damn polo shirt. We then hit it over to Phipps Plaza, THE upscale shopping plaza. Once again, he bought nothing. We left the mall and cruised around the city for a while and then went back to my crib.

The next to arrive to my house was Goofy, who I will discuss in a later post also. When he got there, we were sitting around doing nothing and resting before we went out. We then sat around on the computer looking and laughing at profile on Men4Now. If you ever get bored, check it out. Around 10:30 we started getting ready to go to the club. We all had to consult each other on our articles of clothing. I never overdue my "outfits" so I just wore a fitted clean, white T-shirt and some deep-blue, baggy jeans with some blue and white shoes and ,blue and white belt. I was looking too fly. I was proud of myself because I have never worn anything that shows off any part of my body. That tight assed t-shirt did it though. Oh, I forgot about the grey and yellow underwear that showed off my newly-rounded ass. I was looking mightly damn good. I don't remember what BeatMug and Goofy wore cause it's not important.

We got to the club about 11:45 because I was not about to stand in a long ass line. And you know that the later it gets, the more they charge. I was not having that BS. I like Tower II because of it's size. It's not big, but it's just the right size (with the outside patio). They also have three bars, one of which is on that patio. But the two things that I like the most about the club are the the music and the clientele. They play a lot of Hip-Hop and uptempo R&B, just the right mix that makes you want to dance (and drink). Then men on the other hand are just that. Men. All shades of brown, all sizes, and all shapes. I just love looking at them. Although there should be a limit on the number of wife-beaters allowed in the club. We drank, danced, and flirted and them when the club closed, we went outside. I had actually started a conversation with a dude that had caught my attention, but when the club closed, and everybody shuffled out, we lost each other. Oh well.

We then hit it to Atlanta Live, the new location of the world famous Traxx Atlanta. After 20 plus years, Traxx has moved to a new location. It was about 3:45 when we got there so it wasn't that crowded. But it was only $10 to get in with the coupons from Tower II. This club is in Dekalb county, so that liquor was still flowing and the club didn't close to 7. It was decent, but we got there a little late and missed most of the party. So we hit it back to the crib.

Saturday, we slept in and awaited the arrival of the other friends who were scheduled to come in. Our plans were to visit the host hotel, the very nice Sheraton Colony Square to see what was popping off and to visit the Market Place. While there, my friend Prince (cause he is 5'3" and 120lbs). He was checking in when we arrived, so we chilled in his room for a minute. We also wanted to get back to Lenox Square to try our hand at shopping once again and to see the boys that would be out. The mall was crowded as expected, but not as crowded as past years. We stopped to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen. While sitting there, I see no other than No4Real4Real. I wanted to meet him, but my food arrived as soon as I saw him. I wasn't leaving my salmon salad. No way, no how. We left the mall and hit it back to the crib cause it was nap time.

But no nap for me, my dumb ass volunteered to pick up a friend from Hartsfield-JACKSON International Airport (the world's busiest). I picked up Simba the airport and BoyWonder from one of his friend's house and took them back to the hotel. I'm glad that I was dressed already cause I never made it back to my house. This time, I was wearing a fitted green and white "Gay Pimp" shirt, some more baggy blue jeans, a green and white belt, green and white shoes, and green and white underwear (anybody see a trend here) . We chilled at the hotel for a while as we waited for some other people to arrive so that we could go out to Traxx since that was the hot spot for the night. Simba is loaded with dough, so he had rented a 1000 square foot penthouse suite. The rich bastard! The room was all that and a bag of weed.

When the others got there, the 7 of us, were ready to go out. But there was one problem, these hoes were hungry. My club-hopping ass want to stop by a fast food restaurant, but they all wanted to sit down and eat. Mind you it was 11:45. I was not happy about this situation cause I was supposed to meet BeatMug and Goofy at Traxx at 12:15. We went to Joe's on Juniper and sat down. I knew that we wouldn't be able to get in if we sat down and ate. I was hot as fish grease and they knew it. I tried to enjoy myself because I didn't want to be a bitch. I must admit that it was good to see my people, cause it had been a few months, and the wings were great. But by the time we left, it was 1:15 and BeatMug had already called and cursed me out. I hit it up I85 north at about 85mph to get there. When we got to the club the line had to be about a quarter mile long. I was once again hot as fish grease. I decided that I wanted to be a parking-lot pimp, so we parked and hit the parking lot. The security was not having that. The kept ushering the crowd around like a herd of cattle. I wanted to get in the line with the hopes of getting in sometime the next day, but when I did, they raised the price to $40. Oh Hell to the Naw was I paying that and neither was three-fourths of that line. So the parking lot pimping commenced. But I didn't see anybody that I wanted to holla at and the look on my face would have scared them off anyway. I was so mad at getting there late, the line, and the price, that I was burning up. I stepped in a puddle of water and the muthafucka evaporated. After about an hour of seeing people that I knew and having fake conversations, I was ready to go. This was tired and I was sick of the security people shouting "get to the other side of the parking lot." On my way back to the car, BeatMug called me from inside the club and cursed me out again and told me about how good of a time he was having. Ole short ass midget. I dropped Simba and BoyWonder off at their hotel and hit it home.

That's the first two days and i'm tired of typing, so the rest will have to come later. I promise it will be later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Blogger Tim said...

And I missed all of that??? DAYUM!!!!

7:53 PM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger E said...

*LOL*...sorry about that crazy weekend.

12:25 AM, September 09, 2005  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

What party could possibly be worth $40? I know I am tight but my goodness.

8:51 AM, September 09, 2005  
Blogger Ladynay said...

That's what's up!

Couldn't you have spoke to 4real after you meal?

I like the underwear trend you got going :-P

4:24 PM, September 09, 2005  
Blogger No4real4real said...

Damn I am mad a salmon salad took presidence over a brief introduction. LOL Would have been nice getting to meet you sooner...

9:00 AM, September 10, 2005  

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